Friday, 20 April 2012

Piston and Fusion Paving the Future of Project Management in Nigeria

Management is a field in which there is a great need of knowledgeable professionals who can cater to the needs of a project. Almost every field of work requires personnel who could understand the nitty-gritty’s of projects, keep the work going and trouble shoot if there is a problem. But such is the irony that a graduate (with good scores) cannot attend to project issues, for the formal education system doesn’t equip students with skills required. The same kind of void was seen in Nigeria some years ago and it was then that Piston and Fusion came into the picture.

To take further the movement that was started in 2009 by a team of professionals ready to take the plunge into entrepreneurship, the firm is going to start PM Training in Port Harcourt in approaching May. Through the program, the firm wishes to impart project management skills that would help the participants in launching their careers as Project Managers. The skill enhancing course has been designed keeping in mind Project Management Book of Knowledge. 

P&F has been running CAPM Training in Nigeria from quite some time now and its alumni have been occupying prominent chairs in reputed companies of Nigeria. By getting enrolled in the curriculum, a student gets to learn about risk planning, project budget development, project resources planning, team formation, project schedule creation and about many other important aspects of project management.

Through its comprehensive programs, Piston and Fusion has by now polished the skills of more than 2000 professionals. Its PMP Training in Lagos also opened to a great reception and was attended by a number of professionals. Usually, project management course is adopted by professionals willing to take the advantage of Project Management Certification and wishing to become a project manager in near future. Moreover, those willing to switch their field of work also go for Project Management Training in Nigeria

Whatever be the reason, one surely gets the advantage of obtaining a certification from someone as professional as Piston and Fusion. Along with the project management course, the firm also offers a variety of other courses in the field of Project Management (for entrepreneurs), customer relationship, human resource, operations and information technology. After completing the course of one’s interest, one can get employment opportunities as System/Network Administrators (IT), client interface executive, customer service representative, Front Desk/Client Support and call centre agent. 

However, education and skill enhancement are not the only fields in which the firm is active. Professionals at Piston and Fusion have corporate experiences through which they offer services like Project Health Checks, Project Rescue, PMO Development, Project Quality Assurance Management.

With Piston and Fusion, Project management in Nigeria has surely seen a new dawn.

About Piston and Fusion- It is a Project Management firm catering to the project and training needs of Nigerian economy since 2009. The firm also specializes in providing CAPM Training in Nigeria and has trained more than 2000 professionals through its courses on offer.